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  • An excerpt from a profile of assistant professor Jodie Mack published by Filmmaker Magazine:

    "What does Pink Floyd’s 'Dark Side of the Moon' mean to you?

    A faded black T-shirt with that prism logo, and the hazily remembered times you had while wearing it? Or maybe the 'ka-ching' of 'Money' blasting from your dad’s car radio on the way back from the beach. Perhaps your playlists contain not Floyd but remixes and remakes by The Orb or the Flaming Lips. Or...


    Good Vibes and Duct tape is the class project of FS39: Advanced Video Making, it is a biopic on the life and work of...

  • Ryan Hueston ’14, of Montgomery, Ala., and southern California, is a studio art major with a minor in film and media studies. His work is displayed throughout the Dartmouth campus, including the Admissions Office, Class of 1953 Commons, and the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. Ryan is currently working on his senior honors thesis, a series of paintings exploring themes of bipolar disorder.

    Hueston spoke with From the GREEN about his time at Dartmouth.

    “I’ve taken a studio...

  • A behind the scenes look at FS39: Advanced Video Making's class project, Good Vibes and Duct Tape, a biopic on the life...

  • The White River Indie Festival 2014 presents
    Through a Lens Darkly & Digital Diaspora Family Reunion

    The film Through a Lens Darkly and the Digital Diaspora Roadshow encourage the revaluation of the family archive as historical records which illuminate,
    inform and expand our understanding and shared values as members of a common culture – the One World, One Family of Humanity.
    The White River Independent Film community and Dartmouth students are encouraged to...

  • An excerpt from an article published by Polygon Magazine about professor Mary Flanagan:

    "Game developers looking to make games that promote social change should consider looking to psychology, because "we can't fix the social incidences without fixing the underlying causes," according to Dartmouth College professor and director of game research laboratory Tiltfactor, Mary Flanagan.

    Speaking at the Games for Change Festival in New York today, Flanagan said that many...

  • An excerpt from an opinion piece published by the San Francisco Chronicle written by professor Mary Flanagan:

    "There’s a problem in video game land, writes Professor Mary Flanagan in an opinion piece in The San Francisco Chronicle. Although, as she notes, 97 percent of American youths play video games at least two hours a week, the gender gap among those creating the games is a big one.

    “In 2013, women represented 13 percent of the industry, including business and...

  • Join Tiltfactor, Dartmouth's game design and research laboratory, in the Science of Play!  We'll share some of our recent research results and have time for fun to boot. Stop by and play some new games, including the launch of Tiltfactor's Metadata games "Gone Mobile"! Learn about the game design class and see design in action.
    If you're curious about how we study games, why not participate in a study? They are low commitment, fun, and you can...

  • QUEST, an animated short created by Walker Fisher.

  • "Property Rights" by Samantha Lindsay, an exercise created for FS35  in the Fall of 2013.