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  • The eighteen students of FS36 Television Production, collaborating with Dartmouth improv group Casual Thursday, produced an hour-long show broadcast on DarTV and presented before a live studio audience in the Black Family Visual Arts Center Studio 108 on March 3rd.  The show was re-broadcast on DarTV March 10th.  "Written, directed, cast, edited, filmed, and performed by students" (see the Dartmouth Now...

  • The Faculty of Arts and Sciences recognized nine members of the faculty for their outstanding work as scholars, teachers, and mentors in 2015.  Professor Mack was presented with the John M. Manley Huntington Award for Newly Tenured Faculty.  

    “These colleagues exemplify what we mean when we say Dartmouth faculty are outstanding scholars who love to teach,” says Dean of the Faculty Michael Mastanduno.

    On the subject of teaching, Professor Mack said that her “main goal as an...

  • After taking an editing class his sophomore year, he became a film and media studies major instead.  Bell works in a variety of media, from collage and sculpture to animation and film.  “I try to collage all my different skills into my own sort of aesthetic,” he said.  Read more in this article in The D

  • Library staffers at Harvard see the potential for using gaming and crowdsourcing to widen access to old, handwritten documents and other challenging materials. “There’s a great future to engaging the public with games that support cultural heritage,” said Professor Mary Flanagan. Read more in the Harvard Gazette

  • Limiting herself as much as possible to technology available in the silent film era, Furlong strived to make "a film that would appear to fit seamlessly into the canon of Gothic Expressionist films from the days of early cinema."  The film will be shown in the BFVAC Loew Theatre at  7PM January 6th, with free admission.

    In her Directors Statement, Zoë writes:

    "As I dove deeper into the project, I realized that I was not only making a film adaptation of a Gothic novel, but I was...

  • In the December 21 New York Times blog Motherlode, KJ Dell'Antonia interviews Professor Mary Flanagan about games and whether or not you should trust those on-the-box accolades...  Read the full blog here

  • "The trend toward “whiteboard interviews” constitutes a form of hazing, bound to attract only certain personalities and demographics to tech jobs" writes Professor Flanagan (with Mary Hudson) in this piece published December 20th, 2015 in the Concord Monitor.  Read the full article here

  • The student documentary produced in the spring 2014 FS39: Group Documentary course, Good Vibes and Duct Tape: Stories with Cindy Pierce, is going to be broadcast on Maine Public Broadcasting Network as part of its MPBN Community Film independent film series.  It was been given an air date of February 26th, 2016 at 10:00 PM.

    The film was picked up by MPBN after a successful screening at the...

  • The Media Ecology Project has received an NEH Tier 1 Research and Development Grant from the Office of Preservation and Access to build a Semantic Annotation Tool (SAT).

    The two-year grant begins Jan 1, 2016, and is also supported by Dartmouth College in myriad ways.

    Prof. Mark Williams (...

  • Professor Ruoff (with co-editor Lydia Papadimitriou) has co-edited the March issue of the New Review of Film and Television Studies.  The special issue is devoted to "Film Festivals: Origins and Trajectories", and includes articles by scholars from England, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, China, France, Peru, Turkey, and the U.S.