NOTE: This program has been suspended for the foreseeable future,  please contact the department administrator if you would like more information about it. 


In the Film & Media Studies Edinburgh FSP, students will study at the Screen Academy Scotland within Edinburgh Napier University. Classes will be held teaching Dartmouth students the entire professional workflow, from the conception of an idea to public screening, with The Screen Academy's facilities, professionals, and equipment at their disposal. Students will also have hands-on experience with film festivals with their attendance at the Edinburgh International Film Festival as well as all of the surrounding events, bringing them face-to-face with the film industry abroad.


The program of study consists of three courses, two in production and one in history, at the Screen Academy Scotland. Only Dartmouth students will take these courses.

  • FS39.2 Digital Cinematography
  • FS36.2 Musical Video Production
  • FS47.16 Film Festivals

Edinburgh FSP Digital Guidebook

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