Upcoming Courses for Fall 2021

Prof. Jeff Ruoff

FILM 42.02 The French New Wave and New Waves Around the World

The French New Wave (1958-1973) changed the course of film history. Mostly film critics who became filmmakers, French new wave directors – including Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Agnès Varda, and Jean Rouch – merged documentary and fiction, while mixing film genres. A youth movement, the FNW inspired new waves in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hong Kong, Iran, and the US, among other countries. For their course projects, students will create multimedia Journeys websites and will shoot and edit videographic essays that analyze several new wave films.

10A Class Schedule — Dist: Art, WCult: W —  NRO

Contact Jeffrey.k.ruoff@dartmouth.edu for additional information.

Black Family Visual Arts Center #001 (BVAC Lower level Auditorium)