TV Production Class holding auditions for new show

Film Studies 36: Television Production is seeking actors as they begin production of their very own television series episode.  Production will begin on Friday, February 24th, and conclude one week later, in time to air the finished show on Wednesday, March 8th.  The auditions will be held on Friday, February 17th at 3PM, Saturday, February 18th at 1PM, and Monday, February 20th at 5PM in Studio 106 of the Black Family Visual Arts Center.

"The Colonial Club", a pilot (the first episode of a series) tells the story of a poverty-born freshman at a prestigious Ivy League school as he rises to power within the college’s oldest, wealthiest, and most influential social club.  It's a little Social Network meets House of Cards.

The roles include:

 “Monty” (Male, 17 – 20, All Ethnicities) A passionate and driven college freshman willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals.

“Charles” (Male, 20 – 24 All Ethnicities) As the current president of the Colonial Club, Charles epitomizes old money as he’s a 4th generation legacy from a wealthy family that donates millions to the school.

“Anne” (Female, 18 – 24 All Ethnicities) The girlfriend of Charles, Anne seeks to destroy this boys club from within.

“Laura Harroway” (Female, 30 -45 All Ethnicities) A graduate of the college, Laura now is given an opportunity to investigate falsifications of applications and unfair admittances after a class action Affirmative Action lawsuit against the college.

“Ryan” (Female, 24 – 30 All Ethnicities)] Laura’s assistant. A local community college graduate, she couldn’t afford the tuition and didn’t have the connections to get 

Many other parts need to be filled, including Colonial Club student members, a Television Reporter, and many others.

Download sides (audition pages) for the characters here, and please RSVP for an audition time here.

Thank you- it is going to be an amazing experience!