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Women Make Movies

For more than 45 years, Women Make Movies has helped elevate diverse women directors and producers and improved equity in the film industry. The largest distributor of films by and about women in the world, WMM also supports hundreds of independent filmmakers each year with our highly successful Production Assistance Program.

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Our mission is to bridge studios and agencies with Latinx directors in the simplest way possible with our full, searchable website that includes film, T.V., and commercial filmmakers. But beyond wanting the studios and agencies to know we are here, we also recognize the need to build community among ourselves. Thus we are excited to offer a means to build a strong network of Latinx creatives.

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BFI Flare LGBT Filmmakers' Mentorship: meet the filmmakers

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Latino Filmmakers Network's mission is to connect, inspire, educate and create opportunities for Latinos while promoting diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry by bridging the gap within the community to unite and present a powerful LatinX voice.

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Filmmaking Communities for Black and Indigenous Filmmakers and Filmmakers of Color

Black Media Collections, Archives, Publications and Research Centers

The BIPOC Organizations That Might Just Save Hollywood From Itself

This information was published in by SHIRLEY WILLIAMS published on July 21, 2020. 

Hue You Know  
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Firelight Media 
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The Blackhouse Foundation 
Instagram: @the_blackhouse

Black Public Media 
Instagram:  @blackpublicmedia

The Black TV & Film Collective 
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Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) 
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Nonprofit Organizations

Black Film Allegiance - Black Film Allegiance is a nonprofit organization united by a commitment to create visibility for underrepresented creatives. This is a space that provides mentorship, networking opportunities, promotes independent projects and talented creatives.

Black Film Space - Black Film Space is a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization committed to building a community of filmmakers from the African Diaspora through skill enhancing and networking events. 

The Black Film & TV Collective - A leader in NYC for attracting, engaging and creating opportunities for talented
storytellers of color in the fields of television, film and digital entertainment. The organization functions in three key areas: professional development, relationship building, and production support.

Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center - The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center, a nonprofit, public benefit organization, is designed to advocate, educate, research, develop, and preserve the history, and the future, of blacks in the film and television industries.

The Blackhouse Foundation - The Blackhouse Foundation helps Black creative voices and executives gain a better foothold in the industry. We showcase the best-of-the-best in film and television and are committed to highlighting the power of Black writers, producers, directors, and executives telling our stories. 

Black Public Media - Black Public Media (BPM), formerly known as National Black Programming Consortium, develops, produces, funds, and distributes media content about the African American and global Black experience. Its mission is to commit to a fully realized expression of democracy and it accomplishes this by supporting diverse voices through training, education, and investment in visionary content makers.

Black Women Film Network - Established in 1997, the Black Women Film Network (BWFN) was founded to prepare black women to enter the film and television industries. The organization seeks to preserve the voice of these women through film and educational programs that empower and inform.

Organization of Black Screenwriters - The organization supports and advocate for the overlooked and underestimated screenwriters seeking to diversify the images, messages, and voices emerging from the entertainment industry across all platforms.

Sisters in Cinema - Sisters in Cinema was established as a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation in the state of Illinois with an inclusive mission to entertain, educate, develop and celebrate Black girls and women media-makers and future generations of storytellers and their audiences.

Professional Organizations and Networking Associations

African American Women in Cinema - Founded 22 years ago by producer Terra Renee, the membership organization exists to support the vibrant work of women.

Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers West - The Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers - West (BAD West) is a professional organization providing people of African descent working in documentary film, video or other media the opportunity to network professionally, share resources, exchange ideas and meet socially in order to enhance the development, production, promotion and exhibition of documentaries.

Cast and Crew of Color - Cast and Crew of Color is an online professional network developed by and for people of color to facilitate collaboration and empowerment.

Committee of Black Writers at the WGAW - The Committee of Black Writers at the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) is dedicated to empowering and increasing industry visibility of African-American writers and generating more career and networking opportunities.

Diverse Representation - The mission of Diverse Representation is to increase the exposure and number of African-American agents, attorneys, managers and publicists who work in the sports and entertainment industry.

The JTC List - A google doc of Women of Color who work in the film industry. Find updates on careers, achievements and plain and simple highlight badassery of WOC in Hollywood (and beyond).

The Parity Project - The Parity Project advocates for fair economic and narrative inclusion and equity of black artists, executives and representatives in television and film. 


Black Women Directors - Black Women Directors is a website dedicated to highlighting the work of women and nonbinary filmmakers from the African Diaspora. It's an ongoing project designed to shine a light on the contributions of Black women and nonbinary folks to the film canon.

Production Companies

ARRAY - Array is an independent film distribution and resource collective dedicated to the amplification of independent films by people of color and women filmmakers globally. It is the rebirth of the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM) founded by Ava DuVernay in 2010.

Black Women Animate - Black Women Animate is the first and only production company designed to improve the representation of black women in animation. 

ColorCreative - Founded in 2014 by Issa Rae and Deniese Davis, ColorCreative's mission is to discover emerging talent through various events, workshops, contests, and a referral network. They support talent by facilitating development and production of their original scripted and unscripted content for Film, TV, and Digital.

Hillman Grad Productions - Hillman Grad Productions is a development and production company committed to creating art that goes against the status quo and gives a platform to marginalized storytellers by providing a platform for diverse voices across all mediums. Founded by Emmy-winning writer Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani, the company currently has projects at Netflix, Disney, Showtime, HBO and Amazon.