Los Angeles

The Film and Media Studies domestic study program in Los Angeles will introduce opportunities for the study of film and media, and for gaining practical experience with working professionals in creative media arts and related institutions of cultural history.

Program Overview

Los Angeles is an ideal location for the FSP: a global and cosmopolitan nexus point of the media world, and the center of U.S. media production for over a century. Los Angeles is home to several notable schools in film and media studies, as well as many of the premiere libraries, archives, and museums important to the study of film and media history. 

This program includes rigorous coursework, primary and secondary research in regional facilities, first-hand experiences with a variety of professionals who work in the creative arts and media industries, and assorted day trips to sights and events of interest across Southern California.

Students take three courses that offer a mix of film and media history, theory, and production, plus the opportunity to obtain personal experience in the arts and entertainment industries and related institutions of cultural history. The courses emphasize the interdisciplinary study of film and media, in ways that best utilize the historical and contemporary significance of Los Angeles to our field. All three courses qualify for credit toward the Film and Media Studies major.


  • FS 46.01 (Topics in Television)
  • FS 47.17 (Race and Place and Los Angeles Media)
  • FS 80.01 (Independent Research Project,)