Major, Minor, And Modified Major

The Department of Film & Media Studies

The major provides the common basics for all students in the theory, history, and criticism of film and television, while at the same time it asks that students take at least one course with a production component. Beyond this, the major allows students not only to shape their own emphasis within it (for instance, history and criticism or screenwriting), but also to take at least one additional course relevant to their emphasis outside the department.

Students may modify Film & Media Studies with another related discipline and it should be noted that Film & Media Studies can be either the major or the minor part of a modified major. The department also accommodates those students who would like to minor in Film & Media Studies.

To modify another major with film, students will need to take four courses in F&MS plus one of our prereqs among Film 1/2/3. Otherwise we don't draw any parameters around what you can/can't/should/shouldn't take.