FILM 80 Independent Study


This course is designed to enable qualified upperclass students to engage in independent study in film and media studies under the direction of a member of the Department. A student should consult with the faculty member with whom they wish to work as far in advance as possible.

  • A faculty advisor must be identified.
  • A proposal signed by the student and the faculty advisor needs to be emailed to the Dept. Chair (cc Dept. Administrator).
  • Permission of instructor is required to register for this course, the Dept. Chair grants permission.
  • One credit is granted for successful performance in this course.
  • Students could request to complete a FILM 80 associated with an internship with the approval of the Chair and receive one credit for it, but this can not be done with paid or funded internships.


  • A proposal of the Independent Study should be emailed to the Dept. Chair (cc Dept. Administrator) using this template.
  • The Proposal should be emailed before or during the first week of course election period of the term when the FILM 80 is to be pursued and not later than the end of that term course change election period (see the Office of the Registrar's Term Calendars for specific dates).