Off-Campus Programs

Film and Media students have the opportunity to explore other cultures through their approach to cinematography.

Los Angeles Study Program

Film and Media Studies offers a domestic study program in Los Angeles, California, where students can learn from practical experience with working professionals in creative media arts and related institutions of cultural history.

The program includes rigorous coursework, primary and secondary research in regional facilities, and assorted day-trips to sights and events of interest across Southern California. Students take three courses that offer a mix of film and media history, theory, and production, plus the opportunity to obtain personal experience in the arts and entertainment industries and related institutions of cultural history.  

Edinburgh Study Program

NOTE: This program is currently on hold please contact the department administrator if you need more information about it. 

In our Edinburgh foreign study program, students will have the opportunity to directly observe professionals in their field of work. Past programs have included classes in cinematography and music video production. Students can view dozens of films shown during the Edinburgh International Film Festival, as well as participate in trips to local arts venues and cultural attractions.