Send us your Screenplays!

All undergraduate students are invited to submit original screenplays to participate in this annual award. The winners will receive cash prizes. Primary consideration will be given to a subject's potential as effective movie/TV material and how well the writer can convey that potential in a shootable script.

There are three categories:

Features (~90—120 pp.)
Pilots (~25—60 pp.)
Short Scripts (~5—20 pp.)

2023 Deadline at 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 19, 2023.


  • Electronic submissions only to
  • All manuscripts should have the writer's name on the title page only.
  • TV pilots should be accompanied by a one-page long description with a line or two about each of the episodes in the first season, so the reader gets an idea of the arc of the Season One story… similar to what you would see on Netflix.
  • Note that ALL Dartmouth Undergraduates as well as those who graduated last year are eligible. This is partly because most seniors were still writing their feature-length scripts when the deadline arrived