Modified Major in Film and Media Studies

Students may modify Film and Media Studies with another related discipline with the permission of the Chair of Film and Media Studies and that of the chair of the related department. Film can be either the major or the minor part of a modified major.

Film & Media Studies Modified Major Worksheet
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Two Prerequisites:

  1. One introductory course: FILM 1 (Introduction to Film: From Script to Screen) or FILM 2 (Introduction to Television) or FILM 3 (Introduction to Digital Arts and Culture)
  2. FILM 20 Film History 1 (Silent to Sound)

And 6 Required Courses:

1. One film or media history course from the following:

         FILM 21 Film History (1930-1960)

         FILM 22 Film History (1960-1990)

         FILM 23 Film History (1990-present)

         FILM 45 U.S. Television History

         FILM 42's National Cinema

Students may also petition to the department to count appropriate FILM 41's (e.g. Genre: Animation History), FILM 46's (e.g., Industrial Roots of the Information Superhighway) or FILM 47's (e.g., Studio System, History of Documentary) for credit in this requirement.

2. FILM 40 Theories and Methodologies of Film and Media Studies

3. One studies course from among the following:

         FILM 41's Genre

         FILM 42's National Cinema

         FILM 43's Film Creator

         FILM 44 Theory Meets Practice

         FILM 45 U.S. Television History

         FILM 46's Topics in Television

         FILM 47's Topics in Film

         FILM 48 Topics in Digital Culture and New Technologies

         FILM 50 Topics in  Media Theory

4. One production course form among the following:

         FILM 30 Documentary Videomaking

         FILM 31 Filmmaking I

         FILM 33 Screenwriting I

         FILM 35 Animation: Principles and Practice

         FILM 36's Videomaking

         FILM 37 Directing for the Camera

         FILM 51 Game Design Studio

5. and 6. Two courses at an Advanced Level, one of which must be the culminating experience:

         FILM 32 Filmmaking II

         FILM 34 Screenwriting II

         FILM 38 Advanced Animation

         FILM 39's Advanced Videomaking

         Any courses between FILM 41 - FILM 48

         FILM 49 Practicum in Digital Culture and New Technologies

         FILM 50 Topics in Media Theory

         FILM 80 Independent Study

         FILM 93 Major Project

         FILM 95 Honors Project