Culminating Experience Project Funding

The 25th Anniversary Student Senior Major Fund was established to help Senior Major and Modified Major students underwrite the cost of their Culminating Experience Project. The funding is not given as a lump sum but as reimbursement of approved expenses. Please read the instructions on how to submit a proposal for this funding. 


This funding is available to all film and media studies majors or modified majors.


The 25th Anniversary fund supports expenses directly related to the student Culminating Experience project. These funds are not to be used for general professional development purposes or for the purchase of textbooks or materials needed for classes. Honorariums for students will not be approved as expenses. Students must be current undergraduates; expenses incurred after graduating are not eligible for reimbursement.


Please use this application form to submit your proposal. Applications can be submitted via email to the department administrator.

  • Proposals must be submitted and approved in advance of any expenses being incurred.
  • Proposals need to be approved by the student's project advisor and the department Chair.


  • The funds are distributed to students through a reimbursement process. Receipts must be submitted to the department administrator (scanned to a PDF or e-receipts preferred), with the purpose of each expense clearly indicated. The receipts need a vendor's name, date, and show that you are the payer of the expense.
  • Reimbursements must be processed within the same fiscal year in which the proposal was submitted and the expense incurred.