Cheryl Coutermarsh Honored For 30 Years of Service To F&MS

Cheryl Coutermarsh, department administrator for Film and Media Studies at Dartmouth, was honored along with other Dartmouth staff for 30 years of service at a college-wide luncheon on December 13. Cheryl has been with Film and Media Studies from its earliest days, working with faculty, students, and staff to coordinate course schedules and spaces, organize and oversee student screenings, visiting speakers, conferences, and many other special events, manage the budget, and assist with other activities and projects too numerous to list. Listed or not, however, we are grateful to Cheryl for every duty she so earnestly and enthusiastically performs, whether it's needed once in thirty years or every single day. 

On December 12, Cheryl received her 30-year service pin at a departmental holiday luncheon for which she and Peter Ciardelli, F&MS's resident AV specialist, prepared specialty dishes to surprise our delighted faculty. We appreciate Cheryl's generosity of spirit and the diligent work that she and our entire staff perform each day to assist our students and faculty in their endeavors.