Professor Kwayana joins panel for Blackstar Film Festival

Professor Iyabo Kwayana joined four fellow "cultural workers creating and sustaining life against the backdrop of disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico, Detroit, and the American South" for the panel "Cultural Work In the Wake" on August 23rd.

Professor Iyabo Kwayana joined Cecilia Aldarondo, Ruha Benjamin, Mark Gonzales, and Mia Birdsong for the panel "Cultural Work In the Wake" on August 23rd. Moderated by Sage Crump, "this conversation asks what is to be gleaned from moments of deep foundational fractures, finally coming to the surface and fissuring. This panel follows generations of cultural workers whose lives have been dedicated to creating radical lifeways in the aftermath of racial and economic violence and offers wisdoms on what we can learn and shape in this 'pandemic as portal' moment."

Please visit the Blackstar Festival page to see the panel discussion.