Cine Salon Announces New Season

Cine Salon Fall 2020 explores with cinema experts the new world order of virtual streaming. Free & Open to the Public: Mondays at 7:00PM, Online via Zoom. Please contact for an invite. 


CineSalon Fall 2020 begins on September 28 with Professor/Filmmaker Jodie Mack, who will present a selection of her short films with commentary! Hard to define but a joy to experience, the short films by media artist Jodie Mack wash the world in rapid-fire, colorful abstractions based on everyday objects. Yes, these joyful noise(s) uplift, inspire and fill the viewer with wonderful visions. "Dazzling stop-motion marvel." -AVClub. For more information visit the Official Event Page here

Additional Links: Experimental Animation and Abstraction with Jodie Mack.   Undervolt.Co 

On October 5th, twin sisters Amy and Terry Lawrence combine their different skills to create the short musical puppet film "Ode to Akhnaten," a stop-action animated tribute to Philip Glass's opera "Akhnaten" as staged by the Metropolitan Opera in 2019, complete with juggling. 
FILM: Ode to "Akhnaten" (2020, 22 mins) by Amy & Terry Lawrence with commentary by the filmmakers. TAT 120 

October 17th: Our annual home movie celebration will be virtual this year courtesy the Center for Home Movies with programs, conversations and advice shared around the world via an online portal opening October 1. If you wish your films shown, contact ZOOM schedule & invites at 

October 19th: Six-time Grammy-winning Jazz Latino music producer, Nat Chediak is the legendary cofounder-director of the Miami Film Festival (18 years to 2001) and numerous Miami art cinemas. Beginning at the University of Miami Film Society in 1971, Chediak ran commercial cinemas, The Cinematheque and Merry-Go-Round, and in 1981 the film festival where he screened first for Americans cinema by masters Almodovar, Wenders, Tavernier, Hallstrom, Egoyan, Wargnier, Trueba (fatehr & son!), Kirastami, and many more. 
FILMS: Selection of pixs, film clips and music with discussion. TRT 120 mins 
BIO: Natalio "Nat" Chediak, a native of Havana, has operated a number of important Miami movie theaters, currently programming the Coral Gables Art Cinema. He is an authority of Jazz Latino and author of Diccionario de Jazz Latino (1998). 
LINKS: https-J/ /the-films-of-my-life-series-celebrates-nat-chediak https ://com mu AR2v33j8fGHgsvYx2zdy51 h P377 g F07371 VHfRJ-
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November 2nd: Confidence and steely resolve mark the pioneer American social documentary films produced by filmmaker Leo Hurwitz during the 20th century. His son Tom, himself an award-winning ASC cameraman, will discuss his father's progressive politics that continue to resonate today as we still struggle with racial inequality throughout all strata of our society. Courtesy Milestone Films. 
FILMS: Strange Victory(1948, 75 mins) by Leo Hurwitz with selection of short films and discussion. TAT 120 mins. 
BIOS: Leo Hurwitz (1909-1991) worked with committed filmmakers in the 1930's New York including Paul Strand, his partner in several films. Under appreciated due to blacklisting in the 1950s, Hurwitz directed a lifetime of influential films. 
Tom Hurwitz, a cameraman and director of documentaries, is one of the first documentarian members of the American Society of Cinematographers and a founder of the Social Documentary Graduate Program, School of Visual Arts, New York City. 

Patrick Friel in person Chicagoan Patrick Friel performs cinephiles a tremendous public service by seeking out and sharing rare, early silent films now available on line. His favorite discoveries, a loose selection, date between 1895 and 1915, and while some are easily found, others remain hidden in less-well-known places. 
FILMS: Selections from The Meiji Period on Film Website, Fondation Jerome Seydoux-Pathe, Library of Congress, Brinton Collection­University of Iowa, Sulphur Springs Film Collection, Cinematheque-Nouvelle-Aquitaine/Cineteca del Museo Nazionale del Cinema 
(Torino), Swedish Film Institute. TAT. 120 mins. 
BIO: Patrick Friel, adjunct at Columbia College, is managing editor of the online resource Cine-File Chicago. He has film programmed throughout the Midwest and has published in Film Comment, Afterimage, Senses of Cinema, and Cineaste. 


"Celebrating 50'h Anniversary of Dock Ellis' LSD No-hitter." -The Baseball Reliquary Wit and whimsy define Terry Cannon, the gregarious cultural activist. His odd but engaging art-life-library projects, too numerous to list here, include the popular The Baseball Reliquary Shrine of Eternals, Pasadena Filmforum, Spiral, and Skinned Knuckles, each honored individuals inhabiting the fringes of mass culture. 
FILMS: Sins of the Fleshapoids (1965, 43 mins.) Mike Kuchar with selection of short clips, music and commentary. TAT 120 mins. BIO: Albert Kilchesty Is a writer, musician, performer, art midwife, cultural historian and all-around good guy who once was intimately involved in the production, exhibition, teaching and advocacy of moving-image art. 
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https ://www rky-pasadena-baseball-reliquary-dies-at-66 
https ://www .coloradoboulevard. netlterry-cannon-pasadenas-own-i mpresario-and-archivist/ continue=29&v=-kfqF46Ml9I&feature=emb logo 

DECEMBER 14th: An Art Lost to Digital?

 One of the great treasures al the National Gallery of Ari, Washington D.C., is Peggy Parsons, head of the public film program. For decades, Parsons has presented intelligent, thought-provoking series on a wide-range of approaches to cinema. She will discuss the encroaching digital revolution as well as her personal obsessions lo support historic preservations and lo collect outsider art. 
FILMS: Selection of short films, clips and commentary. TRT 120 mins. 
BIO: Margaret "Peggy" Parsons has made a major contribution to the world film community. Since 1978, she has worked as an art historian and preservationist who has devoted her career to film - for the love (and materiality) of the medium. As a researcher, scholar, and collector, she has made inroads in the prickly field of outsider art. 
LINKS: hllps://www 11 45336 20040305.pdf https://www 

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