Cine Salon presents "Wallace Berman and 'Aleph'"

Monday March 8th at 7PM, Tosh Berman will narrate a walk-through of his father's surreal collage art film ALEPH created 1958-1976 by the Beat artist Wallace Berman.

Son Tosh Berman will approach his father's art, the "father of assemblage art" Beat Generation icon Wallace Berman, with a deep-dive into the experimental collage film Aleph (1958-1976), a meditation on life, death, mysticism, politics and pop culture.


Meeting ID: 898 5065 3060    Passcode: 550878

On TOSH (2018) published by City Lights Books:  TOSH is a memoir of growing up as the son of an enigmatic, much-admired, hermetic, and ruthlessly bohemian artist during the waning years of the Beat Generation and the heyday of hippie counterculture.

FILMS:  Selected film and tv clips, and full length screening of Aleph (1958-1976) Wallace Berman 7:43' and a restored film by one Berman's art world contemporaries. TRT 120 minutes.

BIO:  TOSH BERMAN, writer, poet and once publisher of TamTam Books, penned the acclaimed memoir Tosh: Growing up in Wallace Berman's World (2019).


CO-SPONSORS:  AVA Gallery and Art Center, CATV, Department of Film and Media Studies Dartmouth College, Filmmakers Showcase, Howe Library, Jones Media Center - Dartmouth Library, VTIFF - Vermont International Film Foundation.

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