Arts at Dartmouth Awardees 2021

Each May, the Hop gathers together its community to honor and present awards to Dartmouth undergraduates who have excelled in the arts—delighting us during their four years with great musical, theater and dance performances, and marvelous film and video. Congratulations to all our wonderful students!


Maurice H. Rapf Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film Studies
This award honors the legacy and contribution of Maurice Rapf '35, professor and friend. It is given to a graduating Dartmouth senior for significant achievement and contribution to the function of Film and Media Studies over the span of their undergraduate years. The award may be given to a student or students who produced superior films or videos, but may also be given for outstanding scholarship.

Natalie Dameron '21
Mars Alvarez '21
Elizabeth Janowski '21
Sergio Carvallo '21

The James Joseph Kaplan Filmmaker of the Year Award
The James Joseph Kaplan Filmmaker of the Year award was established in February 2010 to honor and continue the legacy and extraordinary spirit of student, and friend, Jay Kaplan, Class of 2002.  The award is given to a senior who thrives on the craft of filmmaking, bringing passion, creativity, imagination, and a strong work ethic to their work. They may also possess some of the qualities that Jay exemplified, including acting with kindness, generosity, love and respect, humor, humility, and inspiring and encouraging others.

Hanlin Wang '21

The John P. Wolfenden Award in Film and Media Studies
John grew up in North Carolina but visited Hanover every year. He knew at an early age that he wanted to go to Dartmouth and never wavered in that aspiration. At Dartmouth, he particularly enjoyed courses in philosophy and the creative use of computers in music. After a semester helping a friend who was majoring in film, he found that he greatly enjoyed scripting a story, one frame at a time, using sound to support the narrative line. After graduating from Dartmouth in 1992, John completed a degree in the American Film Institute and went on to enjoy many years of work in Los Angeles, editing television programs and documentaries.

Jordyn Taylor Fitch '20

Alexander Laing Memorial Writing Award for the Best Original Screenplay by a Dartmouth Undergraduate
This award was established in 1978 by screenwriter-novelist Stephen Geller '62 in honor of his friend and mentor, Professor Alexander Laing, who was killed in a bicycle accident in 1978. Laing '25 was a poet, novelist, and Professor of Belles Lettres at Dartmouth. This award has been funded in recent years by friends of Film and Media Studies. The criteria for judgment, according to the original donor, were to be a) vastness or pertinence of theme; b) clarity of narrative and psychological line; c) relevance of language — through narrative and character — to thematic purpose.

First Place: You Always Win by Elijah Thompson Czysz '22 
Second Place (tied): H.A.G.S. by Natalie Dameron '21 and Mantis by Matt Evans '22 

Pilot Screenplay 
First Place: The Last Revolution by Elijah Czysz '22

Short Script
First Place: Tower by Sammy Bonasso '24
Second Place: His Wake by Michael Carty III '21
Third Place: Water by Michael Carty III '21
Honorable Mention: The Listener by Khonza '22

HOP Award - Marcus Heiman - Martin Rosenthal '56 Awards for Achievement in The Arts

Natalie Dameron '21

Congratulations to all, we are so proud of you!