Film Festival Presents Award in Honor of Nora Jacobson '74

The first annual Nora Jacobson award will be presented at the White River Indie Festival on Friday, May 21st.

According to WRIF's press release, "The award recognizes excellence in filmmaking by a female-identifying filmmaker who embodies the spirit of artistic integrity, mentorship to young filmmakers, community collaboration, and commitment to social justice that have defined Vermont filmmaker Nora Jacobson's career." 

The award will be given to filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, whose film For the Love of Rutland will be screened as well on May 21st, the first of WRIF's three open-air screenings of the festival.

Writing to Seven Days, Nora Jacobson said that "I have always had an affinity for films that delve into the intricacies, emotions and politics of 'place.' My first film was about Hoboken, New Jersey, Delivered Vacant, and it looked at the struggles and heartbreaks of housing loss at a time when gentrification was running rampant due to Hoboken's proximity to Manhattan. Jennifer's film looks at class and race and heartbreak in Rutland at a time when Rutland — and our whole country — is dealing with immigration and how to welcome newcomers to our communities."

Nora taught FILM 30 Documentary Videomaking for the Dept of Film & Media Studies Department winter term of 2019- check out her students work here!