Digital Lab Summer Term 21 Workshops


Summer 2021 Workshops

Workshops during Summer 21 term are still virtual and primarily occur on Mondays at 5 and Wednesday at 5:30 PM ET. **Except for two on Thursdays at 5:30 PM ET

Virtual Open Hours will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11-2 PM ET!
Come by and chat about anything you'd like. Questions, projects, concerns, and more!
If you can't make it to open hours during this time frame, feel free to sign up through this Calendly link!

Both workshops and office hours are over Zoom, and you can access the room through this Zoom link!

The first workshop will be a Question and Answer session on 6/24 at 5:30 PM to chat about projects you'd like to work on, or software or skills you're interested in learning, or anything else you'd like to talk through!

6/24 – 5:30PM – Digital Lab Q+A **Thursday Workshop
6/28 – 5:00PM – WordPress Website Basics
6/30 – 5:30PM – Basic Video Editing in Premiere Pro
7/7   – 5:30PM – Photoshop Basics – Digital Drawing and Photo Editing
7/8   – 5:30PM – Lightroom Classic Basics **Thursday Workshop
7/12 – 5:00PM – Vector Design in Illustrator
7/14 – 5:30PM – Animating in After Effects
7/19 – 5:00PM – Basic Video Editing in Premiere Pro
7/21 – 5:30PM – Advanced Video Editing in Premiere Pro
7/26 – 5:00PM – Photoshop Basics – Digital Drawing and Photo Editing
7/28 – 5:30PM – Typesetting in InDesign
8/2   – 5:00PM – Audio Editing in Audition
8/4   – 5:30PM – Audio Editing in Audacity
8/9   – 5:00PM – Repeat Patterns
8/11 – 5:30PM – Rotoscoping in After Effects
8/16 – 5:00PM – Make a Podcast

As of 6/7 there is no general access to the Digital Lab in person, but if this changes this page will be updated.