New Documentary by Lance Kramer '06

Brandon and Lance Kramer

THE FIRST STEP tells a story about Van Jones and others' efforts to bring people together on criminal justice reform and addiction under the divisiveness of the Trump years. It is a story like none other. The process behind making the film was nearly impossible. Thanks to an incredibly committed team and the support of many people along the way — the film is now a reality.

Early reviews from the world premiere last week at Tribeca:

Reactions from social media:

  • "I'm proud to have played a part in #TheFirstStep — both the legislation and this film by the #KramerBrothers" — Kim Kardashian West
  • "An urgent, inspiring story about the fight for progress on #justicereform and#addiction in a divided America" — Arianna Huffington
  • "Grapples with the most important question, not just for politics, but for our species: What does it take to get people who disagree to work together?" — Harry Allen
  • "MUST incredibly powerful & revealing intimate documentary" — Michael Eric Dyson

Two ways YOU can see THE FIRST STEP:

  1. In-person at the AFI Silver Theater at 5pm Wednesday, June 23.
    Covid protocol in place to ensure social distancing between seats.
  2. Virtually from noon Wednesday, June 23 to noon Friday, June 25