Professor Garcia discusses cultural importance of the Movie Musical

Chicago Tribune writer Michael Phillips highlights Professor Desirée Garcia's new book "The Movie Musical", a "tightly packed and deeply researched study examining the genre's illumination of more than just our collective daydreams and escape impulses."

"With "In the Heights" arriving June 11, and eight more new screen musicals due before the end of 2021, it's a ripe time to assess the musical genre's present and future" writes Phillips. Read the full article here, and below see the trailer for Whiplash and La La Land director Damien Chazelle's debut feature Guy and Madelaine on a Park Bench- starring Professor Garcia

Desirée Garcia, "It Happened at Dawn", from Guy and Madelaine on a Park Bench

Desirée Garcia, "The Boy in the Park", from Guy and Madelaine on a Park Bench