Professors share six words of life advice with the Class of 2021

Read the full article in The Dartmouth (This article is featured in the 2021 Commencement special issue).by Ben Fagell | 6/12/21 4:25am

The Dartmouth asked professors to provide the Class of 2021 their best life advice in just six short words. Providing a quote is simple enough, but condensing one's sentiments into a succinct blurb proved to be a challenge, and some professors broke the rules. Nonetheless, The Dartmouth presents — approximately — six words of advice. 

Film professor Jeffrey Ruoff: "Everything changes and nothing stands still." — Heraclitus

Film professor Mary Flanagan: Do not be afraid of no!

Film professor Jeffrey Ruoff (again): "Perfect is the enemy of good." — Voltaire

Film and media and African and African American studies professor Iyabo Kwayana: Let your passion contribute to humanity!

Film and media studies and women's, gender, and sexuality studies professor Mary Desjardins: Don't be afraid to change direction.