F&MS Alumna Dr. Samantha Sheppard '07

Dr. Samantha Sheppard, one of our star majors from the class of 2007 and now an Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at Cornell, was interviewed on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) as part of Black History Month.  

From tcm.org

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans in recognition of their role in U.S. history. Since 1976 every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as a time to acknowledge the importance of these accomplishments.

Join TCM host Jacqueline Stewart and special guests each Sunday this month for a collection of films honoring Black History Month.

Sunday, February 6 

8:00 PM:            Lilies of the Field (1963) with Dr. Samantha Sheppard
10:00 PM:          Freedom on My Mind (1994) with Dr. Samantha Sheppard
12:15 AM:          Ten Nights in a Barroom (1926) with Dr. Samantha Sheppard


Sunday, February 13 

8:00 PM:            Stormy Weather (1943) with Dr. Racquel Gates
9:30 PM:            Oscar Micheaux: The Superhero of Black Filmmaking (2021) with Dr.  
                                 Racquel Gates
11:00 PM:          Within Our Gates (1920) with Dr. Racquel Gates
12:30 AM:          The Symbol of the Unconquered (1922) with Dr. Racquel Gates

Sunday, February 20 

8:00 PM:            Selma (2014) with David Oyelowo
10:30 PM:          Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (1963) with David Oyelowo
12:00 AM:          Body and Soul (1925) with Dr. Racquel Gates

Sunday, February 27 

8:00 PM:            Malcolm X (1992) with David Oyelowo
11:30 PM:          Black Panthers (1968) with David Oyelowo
12:15 AM:          The Scar of Shame (1929) with Dr. Samantha Sheppard


Dr. Sheppard also wrote the following essay for The Atlantic Sidney Poitier Gave More Than He Was Given - The Atlantic