F&MS Lecturer Shevaun Mizrahi's Film

Hop Film Event

Distant Constellation

with director Shevaun Mizrahi

April 28 at 7 pm
Loew Auditorium
Black Family Visual Arts Center

Shevaun Mizrahi's contemplative, gorgeous and entirely unique documentary ostensibly takes place in an Istanbul retirement home. A creaky-voiced woman confides her personal account of the Armenian genocide. A sweetly deluded pianist performs a composition before confessing his love. A blind photographer fiddles with his flash as he points his own camera back at us. This playful, immaculately controlled debut finds hypnotizing rhythms in the residents' limbo-like state. Mizrahi, whose apprenticeship with cinematographer Ed Lachman shows in the painterly care and tonal precision of her compositions, creates an experience that lingers in the mind long after the credits roll. D: Shevaun Mizrahi, Turkey, subtitled, 2018

A conversation with director Shevaun Mizrahi follows the film.

For tickets and details: https://hop.dartmouth.edu/events/distant-constellation