Project Green Light Award

Project Green Light Award 

• What is the Project Green Light Award?
The Dartmouth Class of 1968 has made a gift to fund an up-front award of $5000 for talented undergraduate artists to underwrite costs for new or in-progress creative arts work. This award is called Project Green Light. It will rotate among arts departments for a limited run. The Film and Media Studies Department has been chosen to select the first recipient from among students doing arts work within its related fields. Application to Project Green Light (PGL) is also open to collective projects devised by multiple student-artists.

• Who is eligible to apply?
Eligible candidates will be current Dartmouth juniors, sophomores, or first-year students (classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027) who have taken, are currently taking, or are planning on taking courses in Film and Media Studies. Applicants will be required to submit an application form outlining the scope, scale, cost, and schedule of the work.

• What is the time frame?
Application deadline:  January 30, 2024
Announcement of award: February 15, 2024
Progress report presentation to Class of 1968 Arts Legacy Council: mid-May 2024
Project completion by: September 30, 2024
Presentation of completed project: October 15, 2024

• Project Advisors
Students will need to find a F&MS faculty member to serve as their project advisor; the faculty advisor name will be required in the application form. 

• What kinds of projects are eligible?
Projects in any area of media studies: film, animation, screenwriting, video games, data visualization, etc.

• What information is required in the application form?
Applicants are invited to submit an application outlining the project medium, references, timeline, needed equipment and estimated budget of the work, and  the name of the F&MS faculty member advising the project. 

• What are the selection criteria?
Preference will be given to projects characterized by innovation, imagination, and cultural relevance. Risk taking is encouraged, as is the ability to think independently.