Audition Materials: The Colonial Club

Feel free to dowload the audition pages for the following roles:


A passionate and driven college freshman willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals. 

(begins at bottom of page 12)

PDF iconmonty_sides.pdf


The girlfriend of Charles, Anne seeks to destroy this boys club from within. 

(begins at Scene 1B)

PDF iconanne_sides.pdf


The current president of the Colonial Club, Charles epitomizes old money as he’s a 4th generation legacy from a wealthy family that donates millions to the school. 

(begins at Scene 1B)

PDF iconcharles_sides.pdf


A graduate of the college, Laura now is given an opportunity to investigate falsifications of applications and unfair admittances after a class action Affirmative Action lawsuit against the college.

(begins at Sc 4)

PDF iconlaura_ryan_sides.pdf


Laura’s assistant. A local community college graduate, she couldn’t afford the tuition and didn’t have the connections to get 

(begins at Sc 4)

PDF iconlaura_ryan_sides.pdf


An 'enforcer' for The Colonial Club, Darrel serves as a bouncer at the members-only events.  He takes his job very seriously. 

(begins at bottom of page 12)

PDF icondarrel_sides.pdf

Television News Reporter

Broadcasting from in front of the Administration Building, she (or he) is breaking the news about a brewing scandal...

PDF iconreporter.pdf