Edinburgh FSP: Music Video Project

These music videos were made during the Edinburgh FSP in the Summer of 2014:

Directed by Julia Weber '15

Teen Canteen: "Vagabond"

Directed by: Julia Weber '15
Camera Operators: Olivia Quaglia '14, Tasha Wilkins '15, Allison Yeager '14
Edited by: Julia Weber '15, Ellie Peterson '15

Directed by Olivia Powell '17

Insect Heroes: "King Fabulous"

Directed by: Olivia Powell '17
Produced by: Olivia Quaglia '14
Cinematography by: Gabriel Barrios
Edited by: Shivang Sethi
Starring: Jim Shearer and George Thomas

Directed by Jacqueline Taylor '14

Bdy_Prts: "IDLU"

Produced by Tasha Wilkins '15
Edited by: Lizzy Rogers '16, Jacqueline Taylor '14, 
Cinematographer/Assistant Editor: 
Allison Yeager '14
Set Design: Ellie Peterson '15