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  • Dartmouth College will celebrate the life and career of Budd Schulberg '36, arguably the greatest writer to have matriculated at Dartmouth. Schulberg is best known as an Academy Award winning Screenwriter, Novelist, Journalist, and Sports Writer. He was also a committed and controversial figure in American politics. The legacy of Schulberg's career will be surveyed and placed into historical context via presentations from family members, colleagues, and scholars. These events are free and...

  • Don't miss this opportunity to listen to John Bailey, renowned cinematographer and expert on cinematography history.

    Co-sponsored by Film & Media Studies, the Hood Museum of Art, and The Howe Library (Bruce Posner).

    More information is available at The Howe Library here.

    Monday November 3rd

    7PM Loew Theater, Black Family Visual Arts Center

  • An excerpt from an article in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine about professor Mary Flanagan, printed in the Nov-Dec 2014 issue:

    "First, let’s get something out of the way. Mary Flanagan, Dartmouth’s digital humanities chair and founder of the game design and research lab Tiltfactor, could expound for hours on the history of games and the psychology and design of them, whether it’s Tic-Tac-Toe or Angry Birds, but she is not interested in yet another conversation about...

  • An excerpt from the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine article about professor Jeffery Ruoff printed in the Nov-Dec 2014 issue:

    "In the dark Loew Auditorium, a sold-out crowd of more than 200 people has settled into its seats. Local stand-up comic Cindy Pierce appears on the wide screen, launching into her somewhat raunchy act: “Twice in my life I’ve gotten poison ivy in my crotch,” she announces. As she describes going grocery shopping while wearing adult diapers full of oatmeal porridge...

  • An excerpt from an article printed by the Valley News about Dartmouth College alumnus Budd Schulberg:

    "In December 1935, Budd Schulberg, a Dartmouth College junior and editor-in-chief of the daily paper The Dartmouth, traveled from Hanover some 60 miles west to Proctor, Vt., near Rutland, to report on a strike by men who worked the quarries for the Proctor Marble Company.

    The 110 strikers, Poles, Swedes, Irish, Italians and Mexicans, Schulberg...

  • Direct from the New York Film Festival, we are hosting the local premiere of the restoration of Robert Flaherty's essential 1926 documentary Moana.  Details below.  Bruce Posner will introduce the screening and take questions afterward.

    Moana with Sound
    Robert Flaherty, Frances Hubbard Flaherty, Monica Flaherty 1926/1980
    USA | Samoan dialogue and songs with English intertitles | Format: 2K
    DCP | 98 minutes

    Monday October 6th
    7PM Loew Theater, Black...

  • A "Sports Promo" created by Jordan Kastrinsky '16, Ashley Lord '16, Kyle Ogren '16, and Drew Zwetchkenbaum '16 for Film Studies 36 Television Production (Summer 2014), this was also used as a commercial break during the...

  • A "Sports Promo" created by Sean Ford UG, Bennett Goff '16, Emory Orr '16, and William Paja '16 for Film Studies 36 Television Production (Summer 2014), this was also used as a commercial break...

  • A "Sports Promo" created by Marquis Austin '16, Connor Gibson '16, Katie Hake '16, and Shaggy Herur '16 for Film Studies 36 Television Production (Summer 2014), this was also used as a commercial break during the...

  • An excerpt from an article about Alexander Stockton '15 published in The Dartmouth:

    "Alexander Stockton ’15 planned what he wanted to accomplish at Dartmouth even before he set foot on campus. As a junior in high school, the McAllen, Texas resident knew he wanted to study and produce feature-length films. And he has stuck to that plan.

    A film studies and economics double major, Stockton spent the summer co-producing his first feature-length picture, ...