Eyewash Presents: Marina Rosenfeld

Marina Rosenfeld is a New York-based artist and composer. She works at the intersection of modern composition, performance and installation, often occupying monumental sites with live and recorded sound and deploying large groups of performers as choirs, orchestras and other hybrid ensembles. She has also performed as a pianist and, especially, as an experimental turntablist since the late '90s, working with an ever-expanding palette of hand-crafted dub plates, alongside collaborators from Christian Marclay to Warrior Queen to Ralph Lemon to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Rosenfeld’s work has been presented at numerous institutions, festivals, and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum (including Whitney Biennials 2002 and 2008), the Liverpool and PERFORMA biennials, the Holland Festival, Tate Modern, the Secession, the Park Avenue Armory, Wien Modern, and most recently House of Gaga in Mexico City and the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art. She is a faculty member of the MFA program at Bard College, where she co-chairs the department of Music/Sound.