Professor Flanagan premieres new works in Barcelona & New York

Professor Flanagan's new [GraceAI], an artificial intelligence, is having its American premiere in the exhibition "A Question of Intelligence: AI and the Future of Humanity" at Parsons' Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in New York, opening in February. [GraceAI] is developed by training the AI on the works of women artists, so that she "sees" from a particular point of view. For the exhibition, she is drawing from the thousands of images or Frankenstein that she sees on the internet, to reflect on her 'origin story' of sorts in a reflection of Mary Shelley's prescient Frankenstein critique. Will a Feminist AI draw differently? How might we see the consequences of our creations through her eyes? The accompanying new text by Professor Flanagan, "Electric Philosophy," will appear alongside the images.

Her [pile of secrets] is currently showing across 8 monitors in Gameplay: Cultura del videojoc at Le Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, a show exploring the intersection of art and games. Each video shows aspects of what makes a video game "a game." The videos are a result of recording endless hours of play in video that is then edited to represent "the ludic language" in games: endless hallways, massive stairwells, treasure chests, keys, jumping. The videos are compilations from popular games published 1980-present. The project manifests a structural analysis of games in a creative form, exploring the quintessential elements central to the experience of digital play. The videos are shown in infinite loops alluding not only the repetitive elements but also to the repeat plays that games offer as a typical part of their structure.