Important Information from Film & Media Studies

A letter from Mary Flanagan, Chair, Department of Film & Media Studies

Dear Students, 

I hope you are all staying well. The Department has created an FAQ page about the upcoming year's plans (2020-2021). I'm sending out what we know below in the form of a Google link under this note.

We hope to see you all soon. There will be a culminating project meeting for majors mid-September. See more info and the link to the culminating proposal document in the doc below!

If you have other questions not on this list, please send them to and we'll continue to update what we know. 

We miss you and miss seeing you on campus. Until then, the Zoomiverse~

Professor Flanagan
Chair, Film and Media Studies


NOTE: Dartmouth has posted another FAQ about housing and other general details

What classes will be offered this fall and coming year?
Click here to see our Courses Page

What Fall classes have reserved spots for first year students?

The following fall 2020 courses have spots reserved for first year students:
Film 1: Introduction to Film
Film 20: Film History I (Silent to Sound)
Film 47: Video Mashups
(Also of interest: Film 41: The Graphic Novel & Film.)


What Fall production classes are available, and how will they work? 

Fall 2020, FS47.01: Found Footage/Video Mashups will be offered as a remote course synchronously during the J timeslot. Individually, in pairs, and in groups, students will edit short video mashups that appropriate, quote, and re-contextualize images/sounds from other sources, creating movie trailer mashups, political videos, supercuts, and music videos. Dartmouth provides Adobe Premiere Pro editing software free to all students. Professor Jeffrey Ruoff, Dist: ART, limited to 12 students (of which 4 first-year students).

Fall 2020, FILM 33: Writing for the Screen I will be offered as a remote course synchronously during the G period. An analysis of the creative writing process as related to film and other media. A variety of styles will be explored and the potential of specific content for a visual medium will be examined. Each student will be expected to complete a script for a work of at least twenty minutes as a term project. Permission will be granted by the instructor on the basis of material submitted before the end of fall term. Professor William Phillips, Dist: ART, limited to 12 students. Timeslot G

Fall 2020, Film I: Introduction to Film: From Script to Screen will be offered as a remote course synchronously during the K period. This is a film history class that may have some hands on exercises and experiences using phone cameras. This course examines all the processes which go into the creation of a film, from its inception as a treatment and screenplay to its distribution as a film. The course will offer an in-depth analysis of different kinds of films and the key technical and critical concepts used in understanding them. Professor Jodie Mack, Dist: ART, WCult: W; 25 Open to all classes -- 25 upper class seats, 25 first year students.Timeslot K

Fall 2020, FILM 46.04: Broadcast and Electronic Journalism will be offered as a remote course synchronously during the G period. This hybrid course will survey the history of broadcast and electronic journalism in the United States. From telegraphy to radio/television to the internet, it focuses on the development of the fundamental relation of electronic journalism to the public sphere. We will pursue a contextualized understanding of formats, aesthetics, economics, and industrial organizations of these media, plus case studies of specific debates, events, and individuals important to the impact of these media on society. We will invite speakers who have worked in these industries or written about these histories. In addition to course discussions in class and online, students will produce a podcast and a digital video project and write analytical papers. Timeslot G




FS 47.01 Found Footage/Video Mashup  -- Jeff Ruoff  

FS 33 Screenwriting I – Bill Phillips



FS 31 and FS 32 taught at the same time – Iyabo Kwayana 

FS 44 Cinematography and Lighting– Iyabo Kwayana 

FS 33 Screenwriting I – Bill Phillips

FS 44.06 Storytelling in the Digital Age – Jennie Chamberlain (may move to Spring)


FS 34 Screenwriting II --  Bill Phillips

FS 30 Documentary Videomaking – Jeff Ruoff


There is no first year in-person open house, but the First Year office is creating something special for Freshmen!


When can I register for Fall?

The Fall timetable of courses will be released July 31 2020. For current students, the fall term course election period will be Aug. 3-11. New students will elect fall courses as usual in September during the virtual orientation program


What are the revised class time slots?

Please see:


What is the case if I'm an international student?

We are happy that the government has dropped proposed restrictions for international students!


I'm scheduled to do my culminating project this year. When is my culminating proposal due? Will I have a senior show?

Information on the culminating can be found here: Culminating Experience Cover Sheet 

Culminating projects proposals for Winter/Spring  are due to for Winter and Spring October 15, 2020. Students must consult with prospective faculty advisors well in advance of the deadline.

Culminating projects for Fall are to be turned in to Cheryl Coutermarsh in the month of May. 

Each fall and spring we host a meeting about Culminating experiences, so stay tuned for that announcement. Sophomores and Juniors should plan to attend so they can plan terms accordingly. 

You must meet with the professor with whom you wish to work (who will be your advisor) before you turn in your proposal. Approach a professor you've worked with before to discuss potential project ideas.


The end of the year show may be online or in the Black Arts building;  we do not yet know the conditions for Spring Term.

Spring 2020's Culminating Project Showcase can be found at:


Is the Digital Lab open?

For the summer, the Digital Lab is completely virtual. Jess Smith is available for scheduled appointments, or drop in office hours (Monday 2PM-5PM EST, Wednesday 10AM-1PM EST) at the following Zoom address:

Workshops each have their own Zoom address, so any interested parties should email or Slack her to get the instructions on attending each workshop.

Fall plans are still pending further guidelines from the departments and the college, but there will possibly be a combination of scheduled physically distant in-person help hours and virtual office hours. Workshops will likely still be completely virtual to accommodate both the in-person and the virtual students. 


Are any of the facilities in the Black Family Visual Arts Center's Film and Media Studies Department open and available to students?

Not at this time


Is any of the Dept of Film & Media Studies equipment available to students for check-out on campus, or shipping if off-campus?

For culminating projects we are planning to offer an equipment checkout plan.