Alum Olivia Powell '17 to discuss new film

On Oct 19th at 6PM the Film & Media Department will be hosting a Screening and Q&A with filmmaker and Dartmouth alum Olivia Powell '17.

Olivia Powell 17's short film, MARY, was shortlisted for the 2020 Lumen Prize!  RSVP here for the zoom link to the event!!

MARY was co-devised by filmmakers Jingwei Deng, Maaike Klein, Gabrielle McGuinness, Olivia Powell '17 and GPT-2, an AI text generator deemed 'too dangerous' for release to the public.

When GPT-2 responds to a series of model prompts, it generates dramatically suggestive scenes that are rife with gender biases. But what also emerges is MARY, a character who wrestles GPT-2 for control of her story and the languages used to tell it. 'Comic, bizarre and (at times) quietly terrifying,' MARY aims to rewrite the dominant narratives produced by and around emerging tech like AI.

The film was short-listed for the 2020 Lumen Prize in Art and Technology, garnering international recognition for its approach to AI/filmmaking.

Olivia Powell '17 studied Film & Media at Dartmouth before pursuing an MA in digital and immersive storytelling at the Royal College of Art. 

[CW: The film explores gender biases in technology and references SA]