FILM 1 Exhibition

For those of you on campus now or in fall, please check out the exhibition by students from 21X Intro to Film: From Script to Screen in the Film and Media Studies Gallery (above the Digital Lab in BVAC). Working together in groups of five, the class created nine remakes of the short film "Glimpse of the Garden" (1957) by Marie Menken.

GLIMPSE[S] OF THE GARDEN:                                                

Described in a catalog from Amos Vogel's "Cinema 16," as "lyric, tender, intensely subjective exploration of a flower garden, with extreme magnification, flashing color harmonies," and by Light Cone as "a simple, unassuming observational film," "Glimpse of the Garden" provided an open palette - a springboard - from which students could begin to cultivate their own cinematic languages. Each student completed one-minute segment of the film. The concept of nature and the degree to which the cinema and technology in general mirrors natural phenomena carried our class throughout many discussions, viewings, and projects. Another topic that frequently surfaced - archives and the defining of History - relate to this project. As high-quality copies of "Glimpse of the Garden" remain inaccessible to the general public, this class' labor serves to create a new kind of speculative archive created through reverse engineering.

Participating Students:
Brandon Abiuso; Kristine Ahn; Robby Alter; Yaz Azure; Chio Barrionuevo Quispe; Jackson Bilbrey; Carsten Carey; Ramya Chilappa; Jack DiMarzo; Julia Draves; Jesse R Ferraioli; Matt Gannon; George Gerber; Maria Graziano; Madeleine Grussing; Ben Harris; Cat Herrera; Emilia Hoppe; Samantha Hysa; Katie Johnson; Sean Keohan; Erin Kim; Matt Krivan; Alex Lawson; Sam Locke; Julia Luo; Jack McCooey; Emily McKee; Jess Meikle; David Millman; Malets Monthe; Stacia Nugent; Tanner Palocsik; Charlie Palsho; Hank Patil; Brock Paul; Vanessa Perez-Robles; Celine Pietraszek; Meghan Powers; Currie Putrah; Thomas Rogers; Jason Romero; Angelina Scarlotta; Izzy Vratimos; Shelley Wang; Maia Ward