John Bell is a 'Venn Vision' Winner

The Leslie Center for the Humanities has announced the winners of the first round of a new grant program. As its name suggests, the "Venn Vision" award helps interlocking circles of scholars share research interests, motivating faculty of all ranks to reach out to colleagues in concrete ways for inspiration.

The first-round topics and recipients are:

"New Perspectives on Gender in Post-Colonial Africa"

  • Robert Baum, associate professor of religion and African and African American Studies
  • Ayo Coly, professor of comparative literature and African and African American Studies
  • Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch, associate professor of history
  • Jesse Weaver Shipley, The John D. Willard Professor of African and African American Studies and Oratory

"Early Modern Incubator"

"Photograph, Telegraph, Penny Press: How the Medium Changes the Message"

"Being Seen: Audiences in Virtual Reality"

Read the full article published on 3/01/2022 in Dartmouth News

Also, John Bell's latest publication was released in February as part of an open access book:

Title: Used to Be Different, Now It's the Same? The Post-Pandemic Makeover of Museums

Authors: John P. Bell, Jon Ippolito and Meredith Steinfels