Colorist Jamie Dickinson to lead workshop

Film and Video Colorist Jamie Dickinson will lead a workshop in the Visual Arts Center's Digital Lab on October 25 at 5PM.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn how color dynamically enhances the impact of visual media.

About Jamie:

Highly versatile online editor and colorist with experience in graphics, compositing, grading, film and DI. In recent years he's handled everything from 35mm film scans to Canon 5DmkII, HDCam-EX, Alexa and RED files. He's delivered programs for film print, DCP, web video and stereo-3D HDCam-SR. He's performed the conform, grade and online (and made any stereo-3D adjustments) for these, usually using Quantel Pablo as well as FCP, Color, Avid and After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.Trained as an engineer at the BBC, color-balancing studio cameras and telecine, he moved into graphics and post-production where he quickly progressed to Supervisory Operator. Jamie ran the Quantel Editbox suite in BBC News and Current Affairs and have since moved onto Avid|DS and Quantel eQ/Pablo, and more recently SGO Mistika and DaVinci Resolve, working on promos, ads, feature films, dramas and documentaries. He's worked on countless items for programs like Newsnight, Panorama, Politics Show, Daily Politics, music videos such as Mr Hudson, Mumford & Sons, The Macabbees, promos for Channel Five and Sky and adverts for T-Mobile, Mazda, Pontins and Sunday Express. In addition to his work as an editor and colorist, he has also led workshops on workflows and grading at BBC TV News, and here at Dartmouth.