Student Spotlight

Alexander Stockton ’15 On His Upcoming Feature Film

An excerpt from an article about Alexander Stockton '15 published in The Dartmouth:

"Alexander Stockton ’15 planned what he wanted to accomplish at Dartmouth even before he set foot on campus. As a junior in high school, the McAllen, Texas resident knew he wanted to study and produce feature-length films. And he has stuck to that plan.

A film studies and economics double major, Stockton spent the summer co-producing his first feature-length picture, Transient,'which he also directed and wrote. Stockton’s Dartmouth classmates and friends filled critical roles on set, from technical positions to costume and set design.

'Before coming to Dartmouth, I planned out everything that I wanted to accomplish in detail, what classes I was going to take, how to structure my D-Plan, when I wanted to do an internship,' Stockton said. 'One of the things that was on the plan was to make a feature-length film my junior year.'"

Read more at The Dartmouth here.

Ryan Hueston ’14: A Creative Spirit

Ryan Hueston ’14, of Montgomery, Ala., and southern California, is a studio art major with a minor in film and media studies. His work is displayed throughout the Dartmouth campus, including the Admissions Office, Class of 1953 Commons, and the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. Ryan is currently working on his senior honors thesis, a series of paintings exploring themes of bipolar disorder.

Hueston spoke with From the GREEN about his time at Dartmouth.

“I’ve taken a studio art class every term since my first term here. I started from a place of insecurity as a freshman: I went to an art conservatory in California for high school, and I was surrounded by a whole bunch of incredibly talented, high-accomplishing individuals. It was an environment where I felt that having a creative spirit and an unquenchable desire to create or perform was part of the norm, and I didn’t think that my creative side was particularly powerful or compelling, or that I had something to contribute.