News & Events

  • Don't miss this summer's new Student Animated Films on Wednesday, August 16th at 5 PM in the Loew Theater!

  • Professor Mary Flanagan has been honored with the prestigious Dean of the Faculty Mentoring Award for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • The Media Ecology Project, spearheaded by professor Mark Williams, was featured in workshops and panels at the Digital Humanites Conference (Krakow and Montreal), The Society for Cinema and Media Studies (Chicago), Visible Evidence (New Delhi and Buenes Aires), and the plenary panel for Women and the Silent Screen (Shanghai).

  • Film 43.04 –01: Hitchcock in England and America

    10A Fall 2017

    Professor Paul Young, Department Chair


    This course examines important Hitchcock films produced in both the UK and the US, with three critical approaches to guide us:

    1. Hitchcock as a cinematic pioneer, an innovator in film form and style;
    2. Hitchcock as an auteur whose thematic and aesthetic concerns unify his films; and...
  • Department of Film & Media Studies professor Mark Williams joined American Archive of Public Broadcasting exhibit curator Alejandra Dean and AAPB Project Manager Casey Davis-Kaufman in a live Facebook event exploring the history of the Broadcast Newsmagazine at 12 noon EST on Thursday, July 6.  The broadcast featured brief clips of historical newsmagazines...

  • See the premieres of two films created by seniors Oliva Powell and Joe Fairbanks as part of their culminating experience projects.  A War Story and (re)cyclers will be screened in the Loew Audiorium, Black Family Visual Arts Center, on Thursday June 1st at 7PM.  Each film will be introduced by the filmmakers, and opportunities for questions and answers will follow the screening.

    Check out the teaser for (re)cyclers!

    ... [more]
  • Film Studies 37 Directing for the Camera will screen their workWednesday at 7PM in the Black Family Visual Arts Centers' Loew Auditorium.  Don't miss this exciting evening of short films!

  • Professor Mark Williams spoke at the 5th Annual I Annotate Conference in May 2017.  The conferences themes centered on increasing user engagement in publication, science, and research, empowering fact checking in journalism, and building digital literacy in education.  Professor Williams spoke about The Media Ecology Project; his talk can be...

  • Don't miss the Spring Animation Screening on Tuesday May 30th at 7 PM in the Loew Auditorium!  Students will present their work in both film and digital media!

  • Prepare to be dazzled by this breathtaking display of the beauties of hand-colored cinema from the 1890s through the 1910s, before Technicolor was born.  

    These shimmering international examples of hand painting, dyeing, and stencil coloring are drawn from the collection of the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam: early trick films by such pioneers as Georges Méliès, films focusing on the mysteries of nature, and travelogues that include Dutch windmills silhouetted against a crimson-burnished...