News & Events

  • Christine is a film that’s on the border between horror and—something. Maybe pathos,” Phillips says.  Read the article in The D by Hannah Silverstein, MALS ’09, to find out more about the story behind creating the classic horror film

  • "Bonfire", a music video featuring Ette and created by students attending the Film & Media Studies FSP Program in Edinburgh this summer, has premiered on The Skinny.

    The crew consisted of Emily Charland '19 (Director), Veronica Williamson '17 & Katelyn Jones '17 (Producers), Danica Rodriguez '18 (Camera) and Joe Fairbanks '17 (Editor).

  • BOLEX #1 took a wild adventure with Professor Mack this summer during production for her animated feature film THE GRAND BIZARRE (The Pleasure of the Textile). Our beloved camera traveled with Professor Mack to Turkey, Israel, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Netherlands, and Iceland! Read more about the project here.

  • A Media Library: Print Publications of the Department of Film & Media Studies, a gallery exhibition featuring books written by faculty member, has opened on the 2nd floor of the Visual Arts Center.

    The exhibit invites all visitors "to you explore the varied topics on display, and especially to peruse the books while relaxing in our reading room."  More information is available via the interactive kiosk in the exhibit, where interviews with the authors shed further light...

  • CINÉ SALON AT 20 celebrates 20 years of film screenings and in-person encounters with international and local filmmakers and critics on the art and history of cinema as organized by film curator/filmmaker Bruce Posner since 1996.  All events are free and open to the Dartmouth community (co-sponsored by Department of Film and Media Studies, Dartmouth College). 

    Highlights of “CINÉ SALON AT 20” include the “In Dialogue” encounters with cultural and film luminaries: art curator ...

  • Peter Sutoris '11 began working on the project he will discuss as an honors thesis in the history department, and he conducted unprecedented research in the archives of the Films Division of India, Mumbai, while on Dartmouth College funding. In the past few months, he published a revised version of his thesis (the title is the same title as his talk) with Oxford University Press (New York), Hurst (UK) and Oxford University Press (Delhi). The book has already received extensive positive...

  • "Floral Discomposition", an installation by Kwaii Bell '16 (created under the guidance of Professor Jodie Mack of the Department of Film & Television Studies) "acts as commentary and reflection on human impact on the environment."  Kwaii further explains that the project "draws focus on the destruction of natural landscapes and the forced resettlement of woodland creatures due to humanity’s abuse of the natural world. These concepts are reinforced through the physicality of the floral...

  • MEP, directed by Department of Film & Media Studies Professor Mark Williams, is working to establish the means for scholars to access archived media- including episodes of the Italian television show It's Never Too Late.  Read more about this fascinating collaboration with Tania Convertini of the Department of French and Italian in this...

  • Professor Bill Phillips teamed up with Shuyao Zhang GRLS to bring her script Flutter to life.  The story centers on an alien sent to Earth to explore other parts of the universe. When she’s ready to return to her planet, she finds that her transporter needs a replacement part- so she fakes entry into a 3D Printing course, not anticipating that she will feel a uniquely Earthly feeling toward the course’s male Teaching Assistant: affection.  You can read more about this project in...

  • The students of Film Studies 31 Filmmaking 1 will present their work Tuesday night at 7PM in the Loew Theater