Alexander Stockton ’15 On His Upcoming Feature Film

An excerpt from an article about Alexander Stockton '15 published in The Dartmouth:

"Alexander Stockton ’15 planned what he wanted to accomplish at Dartmouth even before he set foot on campus. As a junior in high school, the McAllen, Texas resident knew he wanted to study and produce feature-length films. And he has stuck to that plan.

A film studies and economics double major, Stockton spent the summer co-producing his first feature-length picture, Transient,'which he also directed and wrote. Stockton’s Dartmouth classmates and friends filled critical roles on set, from technical positions to costume and set design.

'Before coming to Dartmouth, I planned out everything that I wanted to accomplish in detail, what classes I was going to take, how to structure my D-Plan, when I wanted to do an internship,' Stockton said. 'One of the things that was on the plan was to make a feature-length film my junior year.'"

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