Student Work

Dartmouth Football

A "Sports Promo" created by Sean Ford UG, Bennett Goff '16, Emory Orr '16, and William Paja '16 for Film Studies 36 Television Production (Summer 2014), this was also used as a commercial break during the final project, the taping of a sitcom before a live studio audience.


A "Sports Promo" created by Marquis Austin '16, Connor Gibson '16, Katie Hake '16, and Shaggy Herur '16 for Film Studies 36 Television Production (Summer 2014), this was also used as a commercial break during the final project, the taping of a sitcom before a live studio audience.

Alexander Stockton ’15 On His Upcoming Feature Film

An excerpt from an article about Alexander Stockton '15 published in The Dartmouth:

"Alexander Stockton ’15 planned what he wanted to accomplish at Dartmouth even before he set foot on campus. As a junior in high school, the McAllen, Texas resident knew he wanted to study and produce feature-length films. And he has stuck to that plan.

A film studies and economics double major, Stockton spent the summer co-producing his first feature-length picture, Transient,'which he also directed and wrote. Stockton’s Dartmouth classmates and friends filled critical roles on set, from technical positions to costume and set design.

'Before coming to Dartmouth, I planned out everything that I wanted to accomplish in detail, what classes I was going to take, how to structure my D-Plan, when I wanted to do an internship,' Stockton said. 'One of the things that was on the plan was to make a feature-length film my junior year.'"

Read more at The Dartmouth here.

Alumnus Seeks Help in Planting Seeds of Urban Farming

Since graduation, Daniel Susman ’10 has spread the word about the sustaining value of urban farming through his documentary Growing Cities, which has been screened in more than 200 communities and at 25 film festivals worldwide.

Now he is turning to crowdfunding to air his message nationally through the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). He and co-producer Andrew Monbouquette, a childhood friend from Omaha, Neb., have set a goal of raising $30,000 by July 9 through the Kickstarter website to cover the cost of showing the film on television.

“We’ve been accepted by American Public Television to reach a guaranteed 80 percent of PBS stations,” says Susman. “But we have to secure the funds for broadcast, including the costs of editing and conforming the film to PBS standards.”

The documentary, which captures Susman and Monbouquette’s two-year road trip visiting urban farmers across America, was funded in part by the Department of Film and Media Studies’ Blair Watson Award, which Susman received in 2010, as well as through support from the Environmental Studies Program and a Dartmouth General Fellowship.

Good Vibes and Duct Tape: Stories with Cindy Pierce


Good Vibes and Duct tape is the class project of FS39: Advanced Video Making, it is a biopic on the life and work of local comedian and author Cindy Pierce.

Pierce is on a mission to bring the truth about sex and relationships to the forefront through comic storytelling. In tackling these uncomfortable topics, Pierce bring the audience powerful advice through personal stories spiked with her trademark bawdy wit.


check is a fixed-media piece for xerographed film completed in July 2013 at Dartmouth College. Inspired by abstract film-phonography experiments, it explores the sonic potential of juxtaposing two geometric patterns with black and white frames. check was created by xerographing collages of printed patterns onto strips of clear 16mm film – a process that was chosen after a few experiments with hand-made film. The result is a three and a half minute film, where xerographed collages are animated and directly translated into an audio signal by a 16mm projector.