News & Events

  • Jodie Mack, assistant professor of Film and Media Studies, received a Jury’s Choice First Prize award at the 2011 Black Maria Film Festival (BMFF) for her animated musical, “Yard Work is Hard Work.” Mack’s film will be screened at the annual festival on February 4 at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, N.J.

    “I am very excited to receive this award from the BMFF, as the festival has a long tradition of representing experimental, underground, quirky, and dynamic works,” said Mack...

  • A film by Zac Koufakis, created for Film Studies 36 in the Winter of 2011

  • A film by Wes Moore, created for Film Studies 36, in the Winter of 2011.

  • A film by Mike Barile, created for Film Studies 36, in the Winter of 2011.

  • An excerpt from an August 2009 article profiling professor Mary Flanagan:

    "Professor Mary Flanagan wants students to go online and label library archives – for free.

    Ms. Flanagan, a digital-humanities professor at Dartmouth College, is creating an Internet-based game in which users create descriptive tags for library images to improve searching through the library's database. Although the program will be tested at the college’s library, Ms. Flanagan says the game...