Past Events

Through a Lens Darkly & Digital Diaspora Family Reunion

The White River Indie Festival 2014 presents
Through a Lens Darkly & Digital Diaspora Family Reunion

The film Through a Lens Darkly and the Digital Diaspora Roadshow encourage the revaluation of the family archive as historical records which illuminate,
inform and expand our understanding and shared values as members of a common culture – the One World, One Family of Humanity.
The White River Independent Film community and Dartmouth students are encouraged to bring their photos of family and community to share in a live public performance.

Read more about this years exciting festival here at Seven Days.

Friday April 25th
Tupelo Music Hall, White River Junction VT
Through a Lens Darkly at 2:00 PM
Digital Diaspora at 3:45

Tiltfactor Open Studio Day

Join Tiltfactor, Dartmouth's game design and research laboratory, in the Science of Play!  We'll share some of our recent research results and have time for fun to boot. Stop by and play some new games, including the launch of Tiltfactor's Metadata games "Gone Mobile"! Learn about the game design class and see design in action.
If you're curious about how we study games, why not participate in a study? They are low commitment, fun, and you can contribute to Dartmouth research while seeing how games work from a psychological perspective.

Join us, take part in refreshments, and celebrate winter!

Wednesday January 22, 3-6 PM
Black Family Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor
Digital Humanities Suite

A discussion with Rick Prelinger

Motion picture archives, creativity, and the potential of open access:
A discussion with Rick Prelinger

Lunch provided-registration required as space is limited
Rick Prelinger, founder of the Prelinger Archives, will share examples of the creative potential enabled by moving image archives that are freely available for use and reuse.  He'll address the perceived  constraints on this creative potential, which include copyright, financial and technical barriers to access, controls on reuse, and lack of knowledge of what is available and how it can be used.   Bring your ideas and questions to the discussion of the use of open access motion picture archives in teaching and research.

Stories Growing Films Showcase

Featuring short films Stickup Artist, Hey Tolu, This Little Piggy, Segregated Souls and My New Sister and a music video of "Titanium" (Cover)
Stories Growing Films is a Student-Run Film Production Club at Dartmouth College.

Sunday, May 26th, 7pm
Loew Auditorium, Black Family Visual Arts Center

Media Ecology Project: Archival Film Festival

The Archival Film Festival will be Saturday, May 18 at 2-5pm in the Loew Auditorium.  The festival will feature materials from The Library of Congress, The UCLA Film and Television Archive, The Orphans Film Symposium, The University of South Carolina MIRC Archive, the WGBH Archive, Critical Commons, and our own Dartmouth Film Archive.
Among the films to be screened will be Dartmouth Days (Rapf, 1934), directed by alum godfather of film studies at Dartmouth Maurice Rapf, and Losey on Film (Fauer, 1971), a film made during alum Joseph Losey's residency at Dartmouth in 1970.
Deep thanks to sponsors The Leslie Center for the Humanities, The Department of Film and Television Studies, The Office of the Provost, The Dartmouth Library, and The Dean of Arts and Sciences.
See you at the festival!

Animated Film to premiere, projected outside

Check out: Understory*

An animated short sure to stimulate the senses and intrigue the mind.
Stop by at any point to view the short movie, which will be running on repeat every 10 minutes!
Synopsis: Secrets of life explained through the persistence of vision. 

Put together by Max Hammer for the Dartmouth Senior Fellowship Program and funded by the Kaminsky Family Fund.
*formally titled The Dude Abides

Saturday, May 18th
On the North Side of Blunt Alumni Center
Every 10 Minutes
From 8-11pm

Media Ecology Project Symposium held in Visual Arts Center

Scholars, archivists, media technology developers, and other key players who see preserving and understanding media records of our cultural history as an urgent mission will convene at Dartmouth for a Media Ecology Project Symposium Friday and Saturday, May 17-18.

Read more about it here.

Dartmouth at Play celebrates graduates, discusses future of gaming

This Friday, Dartmouth is proud to welcome alumni in the gaming industry back to Hanover!

Dartmouth has a special relationship to game design. Familiar with the games Twister or Cranium? Some of the most respected games and toys of the 20th and 21st century have been created by Dartmouth graduates. What's more, there are alumni in leadership roles among scores of prominent toy and digital game companies (Hasbro, Sony, Popcap, Zynga), as well as the entrepreneurial alums who are venturing out to start their own new brands.
Dartmouth at Play celebrates these graduates, bringing folks active in the gaming industry back to campus in order to discuss the future of play.
We'll discuss the practicalities of working in these fast-moving fields and get a chance to theorize about what is coming. Dartmouth at Play will instigate a lively conversation about games and play, sharing insights with students, faculty, and staff.

Friday Night Rock presents "Silent Films, LOUD Music"

March 2nd, Friday Night Rock will join the film and media studies course "Curating and Microcinema" to put on a live music and film event called "Silent Films, LOUD Music" in Fuel. Students in the class, taught by film professor Jodie Mack, have been working throughout the term to curate films and coordinate the musicians who will perform live scores to accompany the films, according to Mack. 

Read more details here in The D!