2021—22 at Film and Media Studies

Welcome to the Department of Film and Media Studies 2021—22 academic year! 

The Film and Media Studies Department invites all students to our Open House on Thursday, Sept. 9, from 12 to 2 pm, in the Atrium of the Black Family Visual Arts Center to meet with our faculty and students and learn about our courses. 



You can find all our offered courses on our website, here are the ones offered this fall term!

FALL 2021

For fall course descriptions click here or the course number below. 


New Faculty joining our Department

We are thrilled to announce that Associated Professor Jacqueline Wernimont is now part of the Film and Media Department.  Prof. Wernimont is also the Distinguished Chair of Digital Humanities and Social Engagement. 



She is a co-Director of HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaborative) and runs the Digital Justice Lab at Dartmouth. Her books include Numbered Lives: Life and Death in Quantum Media and the co-edited Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and Digital Humanities (with Elizabeth Losh). As a digital media scholar who specializes in mathematic and computational media and their histories, her work is synthetic and bridges the humanities, sciences, and arts.

Prof. Wernimont will be teaching two courses this winter term.


This year we also have talented visiting lecturers! 

Aily Nash
FILM 47.20 - Curating and Microcinema - K - Summer 2021 -

Bill Phillips

*These courses require Instructor Permission please email the professor to request permission to register.
FILM 33 - Writing for the Screen I - (*IP) - 10A - Fall 2021 -
FILM 33 - Writing for the Screen I - (*IP) - 10A - Winter 2022 -
FILM 34 -Writing for the Screen II - (*IP) -10A - Spring 2022 -

Shevaun Mizrahi
FILM 44.07- Docu-Fantasy and the Speculative Narrative in Multi-Ethnic Cinema - 2A - Fall 2021 -
FILM 44.04 - Sound Practice and Theory - 3B - Winter 2022 -
FILM 47.02 - Theory and Practice of Editing -3B - Spring 2022 -

Martin Roberts
FILM 46.07 - Television and New Media - M. Roberts - Winter 2022 -

Joanna Rapf
FILM 7.19 (FYS) American Silent Film Comedy - 2A - Winter 2022 -
FILM 20 - Film History I (Silent to Sound) - 2A - Spring 2022 -

John Bell
FILM 3 - Introduction to Digital Arts and Culture - 2A - Winter 2022 -

Jennie Chamberlain
FILM 44.06 - Storytelling in the Digital Age – 11 - Spring 2022 -

Major, Modified Major, and Minor in Film and Media Studies



You can find all the requirements for the Major, the Modified Major, and the Minor in F&MS on our website. Please download the worksheets linked there to prepare your draft plans. Students intending to pursue a Film and Media Studies major must meet with the department chair to discuss their planned course of study previous to submitting a plan in DartWorks. When contacting the Chair please copy the department administrator so she can assist you as well. 

DSP (Domestic Study Program) to Los Angeles



The Film and Media Studies domestic study program in Los Angeles will introduce opportunities for the study of film and media, and for gaining practical experience with working professionals in creative media arts and related institutions of cultural history. This program will be offered in winter term 2022, 2024, and 2026. 


Chair Coffee Hour



You can join Prof. Mary Flanagan, current Film and Media Studies Department Chair, on Tuesday, August 31, from 3—4 pm EST via Zoom. Stop by to say hi, ask questions, or talk about a project. The following Coffee Hour dates will be shared in Slack #filmmediaconnection. (Learn how to connect to Slack below!)



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